The Night of the Broken Key

Dear Atinush,

Last night was full of adventures. I would like to tell you about this night with a few photos. 

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Here you see Aunt Eleni. 

Aunt Eleni is actually one of our neighbors here. We only met her last night. Because as Esri was about to leave the house to go to a party, the key to the building had broken inside the lock. 

The key had broken inside the lock as Esri was trying to leave the building, since in this building you had to lock the main door to the building both while entering and while exiting the building. There was an issue of security in our yet insufficiently gentrified neighborhood. The first thing that was explained to you when you came here was how you had to close and lock the windows, the shutters and the doors. Yes, our neighborhood was Kerameikos. 

The key broke in the lock while Esri was trying to lock the door. Esri ran to the theater to let the others know. Their flatmate Vera and the others were in the theater watching the screening. Burcu was also watching the screening. Sansi had gone on a stroll towards Viktoria to meet with Valentino. 

We all came together at some point. We were stressed. We had lost the keys to our house. We went to the house with the festival team. The house was given over to Esri by the festival team so they were kind of responsible for it. Esri shared the house with Vera, another friend who was also doing a screening in the festival. 

Vera, Esri and the whole festival team had to listen to Aunt Eleni for a long time once the door had been opened. Aunt Eleni spoke in incessant Greek looking at Esri’s eyes throughout the rant. Esri, not understanding a word, was forced to shake their head and say “endaksi” every now and then. 

The story is long and it goes on for another while. What we want to show you here is Aunt Eleni. 

Aunt Eleni owns the house on the corner of Dameou with Kerameikos. I spent quite a bit of time with her because of the broken key business. 

And here is Esra’s great desesperation.

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And here is dear Vera photographing these precious moments.

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-17 at 16.12.34 (4)

What was going on in there? 

Finally we entered the house. And then it was a long night. We will tell you about this in a bit. 

Right now it is a Sunday afternoon, a grey rain is falling with thunder and lightning and we are high. 

And let’s leave here the photo of Esra with the broken key, from this morning.

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-17 at 16.12.05

This is our house in Kerameikos. A very cute little house on the first floor, its balconies packed with plants and flowers, on a run-down little street. We are happy. 


Last night, once the broken key issue was resolved, we tried to go to a huge queer party that was happening just around the corner but we couldn’t. Esri and Sansi had gone to this party and had enjoyed it a lot the past year. But this year it was an incident of popular disaster, with the rubble running to the beaches and the citizens being unable to swim.* We walked through the streets a bit, trying to find a place to dance. We found a terrace but we couldn’t really dance. The dj’s of Athens did not really hold us, can we say?

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With love, with love,

Atina Kolektif© 2019


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